Health & Safety

The company through qualified experts advises on general and specific safety and health challenges that face most projects in the Kenyan Economy borne out of ignorance or lack of sufficient information on law or industry practice. through networking we obtain the best the industry can offer in consultancy services.  

The firm also offers environmental health training. Upon completion of this training, those trained are deemed capable of adhering to high standards of Health and Safety and carrying out tasks in the safest manner. Duration of training depends on the subject matter.

Various topics covered in this training include but are not limited to the following;

  • Relevance, formulation and use of EHS Management Systems
  • Government Legal framework on EHS standards
  • Hazards Identification, Risk Assessments & Audits
  • Waste disposal
  • Safe Work Procedures – Ladder Safety, Excavation/Trenching Safety, Lock-out Tag-out (LoTo), Fall Protection, Personnel Protective Equipment, Forklift Safety, Permit to Work, Medical Surveillance, Automobile Vehicle Safety etc.
  • Work Control Procedures / Gas Testing
  • Incidents Reporting & Investigation / Near Misses
  • Safety Stewardship – Safety Meetings, Safety Policy, Safety Database, Safety Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) etc.
  • Fire Safety & Good Housekeeping
  • Proper use and storage of Industrial chemicals, safety and health issues in regard to use of chemicals

Additionally, our Company can also be contractually engaged to be responsible for meeting the following Environmental, Health and Safety objectives over a specified period of time;

  • Formulation and implementation of an Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy signed by Company Management, communicated to employees and periodically updated
  • Advise Management on Environmental, Health and Safety issues and ensuring compliance pertaining to Environmental, Health and Safety Legislation
  • Define, document and assign Environmental, Health and Safety roles and responsibilities

  • Compile and document an Environmental, Health and Safety Management System to cover management commitment and leadership, hazard identification and assessment, incidents reporting and investigation, emergency response, personnel training, process information and documentation, waste disposal among others
  • Establish an Environmental, Health and Safety Database with Key Safety Performance Indicators (KPIs) established, communicated and continuously monitored for continuous improvement

  • Conduct Environmental, Health and Safety Training to all employees twice in the year with on-site and/or off-site toolbox meetings monthly. Topics to be covered in the Safety Training are as mentioned above. Those trained will be issued with certificates
  • Organize and steward monthly Environmental, Health and Safety Meetings (at Head Office and at the Branches) to involve all employees
  • Compile Safe Work Procedures for various activities as undertaken by the Company
  • Specify Environmental, Health and Safety equipment, design, and ensure installation and use of the same in strategic areas
  • Identify potential Environmental, Health and Safety hazards, develop preventive measures and advise Management on disaster preparedness
  • Suggest and implement other relevant areas to improve overall Company Environmental, Health and Safety Standards