Environmental Audits

The Environment Protection Act 1970 (‘the Act’) states that an environmental audit assesses the nature and extent of harm, or risk of harm, to the environment posed by an industrial process or activity, waste, substance or noise. It is about understanding the type of pollution and the harm it poses.

Planning authorities, government agencies and private businesses use the environmental audit system to determine the condition of a site and its suitability for use, or to advise what’s required to make a site suitable for use.


MAZINGIRA is reforming the environmental audit system to improve the management of contaminated environments.


Appointed environmental auditors provide independent advice, identifying if there is a need or opportunity for improving the environmental quality of a site or industrial process with respect to pollution.


An environmental audit of a site provides people with confidence as to what a site can be used for and to determine what, if any, costs may apply in managing it into the future.